I-SENSYS Printer Setup : Modern needs requires modern solutions

The I-sensys series of printers dominate the office printer space with their compact size and modern-day working features. Nowadays, almost every enterprise or business building can be seen using the I-Sensys printer. Businesspeople prefer its cloud connectivity feature. Along with the cloud connectivity, there are several features in the printer, but the problem is that only a few users know the process for I-sensys printer setup, and for some users, it is like an Everest climbing task.

Don’t worry; we’re here to help you with the I-sensys printer setup and will set it up effortlessly and in no time so you can start printing.

i sensys printer setup

Why is I-sensys a reliable printer for office users?

As stated above, I-Sensys has several astounding features that enhance the printing experience and provide the best print-outs. Some of this printer’s features are as follows:

Cloud Connectivity : Since the post-pandemic era, the cloud has become a prominent technology as it allows access to data from anywhere and anytime. I-Sensys printer allows direct printing from the cloud servers, like Google Drive, One Drive, dropbox, ETC.

Fast Printing : The I-sensys printer series is one of the fastest and most reliable printer series. It allows printing 33ppm in A4 size. This printer can also print receipts, cheques, etc.

Easy usability : The printer has a touchpad navigation system, which enhances the user experience and includes shortcut buttons that save time.

Robust security : Security is always a concern regarding printers, but the I-sensys printer series has overcome this issue by allowing you to protect your device with secure pin functionality.

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